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Michelle F

1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 707

Is your self-care cup feeling empty? I love pouring intentional energy into others while connecting and learning about their needs. 

To share platonically intimate space with another human and to learn of their journey and experiences energizes me.

When we show up in love and in gratitude, when we come together with understanding and a desire to heal, we create intentional boundaries that will transmute our energies into a powerfully healing force. 

I am excited to meet you and exchange these energies through Alternative Touch Therapy.


Please allow me to free you from expectations and outside entanglements so we can both rest and recharge.


Michelle was wonderful - Very welcoming.



Absolutely amazing experience. I was skeptical at first at if this would really help, but I walked out of the session feeling a strange sense of peace and feeling like I was genuinely connected and cared about. thank you for offering this service and for having amazing people like Michele.


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