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Nicholas G

1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 711

Hello and welcome, I am Nicholas, how may I help? As a passionate life long learner I have coalesced some knowledge about energy, healing and touch. I am excited to share with you how intentional platonic touch can drastically improve your life. With the addition of healing frequencies and active listening I am confident you will find our time together relaxing and rejuvenating. My goal is to give you the best consensual cuddle experience possible, because when you shine it brightens the lives of everyone around you!


Nick was warm and welcoming. I was very comfortable, felt safe and accepted. I wanted to try some different positions of being held and also holding someone. He was very open to try some of the ones listed in the cuddle sutra book, and checked in with me regularly for transitions. It was a great session, filled with heart felt conversation, and laughter. 3 hours flew by!!



 He helped fill my cup. Thankyou.