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Sharone N

1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 708

Need a hug? Want someone to talk to or just hang out? Reach out to me and I can help!


I love people and being there for them. I have a gentle personality with much patience, acceptance, and kindness. Remember there are people out there who care about you and your mental well-being.


As an Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist, I (and all us Snugglists) will help you feel safe and valued.

Snugglist – Sherone N   


 “Sharone hit it out of the park with her intro. It was very professional and set the right tone for the session.“

- Cyndi

Snugglist- Sharone N 


"Absolutely! I learned a lot about Sharone and we both were able to open up to each other and learn alot. I was very comfortable snuggling with her and would definitely be comfortable doing it again with her."


Snugglist-Sherone N  



"She is so caring it gushes from her! Her heart and soul are present at all times and it is a good feeling."


Snugglist-Sherone N  



"I had a good time watching scary movie and cuddling with Sharone on the couch for two hours last night to help me relax my mind to learn effective ways to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It was alot of fun."


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