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Shyler M

1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 709

I am a Certified Alternative Touch therapist and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). I am mom to four rambunctious fur babies. I am well traveled and my ukulele has seen just about as many countries as me! I would like potential clients be that men women or anyone in between to be assured of a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. If you find yourself in need of a snuggle or even a trip to the park for some sunshine and good conversation, I’m your girl!

Snugglist – Shyler M 


"Shyler is a great listener and good conversationalist. Shyler has a calm personality and knows how to,listen and hold space"


Snugglist – Shyler M 



"I had a good time chatting and hugging Shyler on the couch in the snuggle studio room last Sunday because it help me learn how to relax my mind to relieve stress and anxiety"


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