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Depression Treatment

Depression is a mental illness, which one should not confuse with the short-term emotional distress, anxiety attacks or feeling low, which also are constituents of depression. Anyone can feel low for a brief period of time, or have anxiety attacks once in a while, but that does not mean they are suffering from depression.


Depression is much more serious than that, and is a persistent feeling of sadness, loneliness, grief, uselessness, and emotional pain.


If not treated at the right time, it can lead to a person turning suicidal, and may try to harm himself/herself or commit suicide.

We approach clients with depression through various routes at one time to make the therapy effective, and help clients recover from their disruptive mental state sooner.


First of all, we listen, understand, empathize and hold space for the client through touch therapy sessions. Just twenty seconds of touch begins the process of releasing Oxytocin that starts changing the bodies chemistry. Not only dose the clients mood change, but the oxytocin starts breaking down the stress hormone cortisol as well.


Depression is treatable, and there are many effective treatments available.

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