Kimberly M

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No other form of communication is as universally understood as touch. The compassionate touch of a hand or a reassuring hug can take away our fears, soothe our anxieties, and fill the emptiness of being lonely. - Randi G Fine


Hello! My name is Kimberly and I am your Certified Alternative Touch Therapist! It is my passion to create safe, caring, supportive, and loving spaces for you to just be you. Do you need to interact with someone who isn’t entangled with any of the things causing you stress? Someone who will just listen to you and offer a judgement free space for your expression? I’m your lady.  Do you need to be in a quiet and  peaceful space where your energy can find some balance and calm? I’m your lady. If you need someone to hold onto and just breathe, I’m your lady. The energies we will share will leave a lasting and positive impression for us both! 

Fully Vaccinated


Kimberly was very professional and down to earth. She made me feel comfortable with the process and felt heard and nurtured. Much needed!



I felt seen!



Kimberly is very professional, informative and attentive. She is amazing!



Having not ever done a alternative touch therapy session, I was a little anxious coming in, Kimberly was awesome at making it welcoming, inviting, and just comfortable. The whole process was explained in such a way that it just put me at ease. I was able to relax before it even started. The atmosphere of the room, the lighting, the soft music, the conversation we had, everything exceeded far beyond what I was expecting. I left that session feeling lighter and more in touch with myself. I would definitely do this again.



I normally am not comfortable being touched by strangers. But Kimberly made me feel very comfortable in the process. She was very professional and explained everything we were doing or going to do. When we transitioned between snuggle positions was very clear and understood what we would be doing next. Kimberly is a very good listener and very easy to talk with and feel safe talking with. I enjoyed this experience was so very relaxing and comforting and would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone that asks me. Thank you .

- Brandon


Kimberly is an absolute legend of a lady



I had a good time chatting with Kimberly in the snuggle Studio room last Monday night. It was alot of fun



My experience with Kimberly has been nothing short of phenomenal. She has an amazing way of connecting with you from the moment you meet her. Kimberly gently walks you through the process. She is wonderful at touch and is an amazing conversationalist. 10 minutes into our first meeting I felt like we knew each other for years. She has a wonderful heart and has really been able to help me feel connected. I always cherish our sessions and look forward to seeing her again.




Kymber was totally amazing, the guiding, suggestions, and relaxed approach was AWESOME! This was a couples session so there wasn\'t cuddling with Kimber. My partner and I have continued using the tools we learned and it is enhancing our connection. Thanks Kymber!!!