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My name is Liana and I am so glad that you have decided to prioritize yourself with Alternative Touch Therapy! If you haven’t done so already, please feel free to explore our website and learn more about the many benefits of healthy, safe and platonic touch and about who we are and what we do here at Alt Touch. 


Why have I chosen to be  an Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist? I am originally from a small village in the interior of Alaska and I am half Ahtna Athabascan, of the Naltsiine clan, and half Tlingit, of the Wasiinaedi clan.


Having grown up in a small village in rural Alaska, I realized at an early age how incredibly blessed I was to have been born into a loving and stable home . Sadly, I also became aware that many around me were not living in that same type of environment. On many occasions throughout my life,  people have felt safe in sharing with me some of their deepest hurts and traumas, which weighed so much on my heart that all I wanted to do was to help them in some way. I spent most of my adult life developing programs and being proactive in among the Native community all the while, trying to be a comforter, encourager, supporter to those around me. I knew that in those times when someone was reaching out, they wanted to be heard without judgement, to be validated, and that they are cared for.  I also recognized that they wanted and needed a connection that was genuine and safe, so I became a hugger. When I  sense that someone needs it, I am available to  give them all of the strength and love that I have within me through that hug and exchange of energy.


 I know that genuine human touch is not just comforting, but also healing. Humans, including myself, go through periods of loneliness and longing for physical touch. During my times of trials or challenge, to have someone to just hold onto and give the space and encouragement that everything was going to be ok or to just hold me in  times of exhaustion, so that I could get into a place of peace and comfort in order to get real rest was something I recognized as very valuable in my own healing. 


If you are feeling or wanting more platonic touch  in your life, I would be so honored if you scheduled a meet and greet with me to  allow me the opportunity to see if I might be the right Specialist for you.. I truly look forward to meeting with you and I want you to know how happy I am for you to be taking this first step towards fulfilling your platonic touch needs in a healthy, safe, and positive way.

Specialist–  Liana             


I had a good time chatting with Liana in the Snuggle studio room last Sunday night. It was alot of fun.


- Jeremy

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