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1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 724

Greetings Divine People. Eye’m Nazu, Certified Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist, (Snuggle Buddy) Who Is Passionate About Re-storing Balance And Harmony To All Of Life’s Systems.  


Eye Am Also Currently  A Chi (Life Force) Energy Student Who Is Soon To Be Certified As A Chi Energy Practitioner. My Spiritual And Energy


Work Has Become My Top Priority Giving Me A Mighty Foundation For Being An Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist At This Time. Furthermore, My Main Mission In This Life Is To Allow My Body To Be Utilized By The Divine As A Portal To The Divine.


Plain And Simple. If You Are Interested In  Connecting Deeper With Me The Next Step Is for Us To Set Up A Meet And Greet.

Snugglist – Nazu



"Phenomenally sweet"


Snugglist – Nazu



"I was definitely skeptical at first, but this has been a wonderful experience at exactly the time I needed it. I will recommend this and use this therapy again."


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