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Snugglist Mindi H –2/1/2020


I recently had a snuggle session with Mindi and I have to say it was great hanging out with her.


She really helped alleviate a lot of loneliness I’ve been experiencing and I felt completely excepted and able to just be myself.



Snugglist Kendra K –3/4/2020

I wish ther was an option to rate sessions/snugglists as Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect. Kendra is the Babe Ruth of snuggling--always knockin' it out of the park.


Snugglist Gina O –3/1/2020

Yes, it was a meet and greet so no snuggles yet. It was a fun meet and greet though. Gina is wonderful!



Snugglist Kendra K–2/21/2020

Absolutely! There was never a time during this session when I didn't feel completely safe and cared for. Kendra did an outstanding job of being attentive and responsive to my requests and I walked away from the session feeling completely refreshed and at peace. I highly recommend Kendra to anyone seeking platonic touch and/or companionship.


Snugglist Teela V –2/8/2020

Teela is amazing


Snugglist Teela V –2/4/2020

I am still really nervous during our session and it has nothing to do with teela she is amazing I just don't want to brak the rules so really nervous but I am trying really hard to get over them


Snugglist Mindi –2/1/2020

Mindi is an amazingly empathic person. She can sense your needs. I asked for an hour of feeling taken care of and relaxation where I could let go. She soothed me into relaxation, reminding me to breathe and giving me positive affirmations while she caressed my body. Her soft fingers felt amazing, and her touch is very gentle and soothing. I felt so much at ease with her. Thank you!



Snugglist Gina O –12/28/2019

Felt way better than I did going in.


Snugglist Gina O–12/23/2019

Was good, she is easy to talk to



Snugglist Gina O–12/22/2019

She was awesome!


Snugglist Gina O–12/21/2019

I feel like this session went very well, I left feeling very relaxed.


Snugglist Sydney H–12/19/2019

Yes, money well spent, as always.


Snugglist Sydney H–12/04/2019

 I am amazed at how quickly Sydney was able to make me feel safe and at ease. Just what I needed.



Snugglist Kendra K–11/21/2019

Amazing success. I've never desired to be as vulnerable and raw with/to someone as I did with Kendra. She immediately made me feel safe. I felt completely disarmed and it was so cathartic.


Snugglist Shawna S–11/08/2019

Shawna is an incredibly understanding person with a gift for touch. I felt very safe being held by her. She's a very vibrant and easy to talk to person.


Snugglist Shawna S–11/08/2019

Shawna is an incredibly understanding person with a gift for touch. I felt very safe being held by her. She's a very vibrant and easy to talk to person.




(BIG Fan of SnuggleBuddiez; I've been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and skill with which the Snugglists are trained and prepared for). I highly recommend them for a quick escape from daily stress.


Snugglist- Kendra K 11/21/2019

“Amazing success. I've never desired to be as vulnerable and raw with/to someone as I did with Kendra. She immediately made me feel safe. I felt completely disarmed and it was so cathartic.”


Snugglist-Kendra K 11/13/2019

“Kendra is an amazing person who has an uncanny ability to get people to open up and let down their guard and be able to just be. I can not recommend her highly enough.”


Snugglist- Sydney 11/10/2019


“Sydney knows how to make you feel comfortable and safe, and she's an excellent snuggler!”


Snugglist- Kendra K 10/3/2019

“Kendra is wise beyond her years.”


Snugglist- Kendra 8/30/2019

“Kendra  was very cordial, unpretentious, clear and concise.”


Snugglist- Patrick S

"Patrick was very professional and caring during this initial Meet & Greet session.This was a Meet & Greet session so there was no touching other than handshake greet and hug goodbye. but I felt very comfortable."


Snugglist- Kim 8/28/2019

“It couldn't have been better. I'll be scheduling another one soon.”


Snugglist- Kendra K 8/8/2019

“Kendra was outstanding in every regard. I felt very satisfied with my session. This session surpassed all my expectations.”

- Anonymous

Snugglist- Kim 6/11/2019


“Kim is so gifted with this type of therapy. It is very healing and powerful. I wish I could take her home!”


Snugglist- Kim 06/03/2019

“Kim is very professional yet extremely kind person. I see it as an important part of therapy for all”


Snugglist-Kendra K 5/31/2019

"Kendra is a natural with her abilities to smoothly break the ice with any experience she’s timeless 💝I’m grateful she’s been put into my path. She is a natural empath of infinite love, thank you 🙏 isn’t enough you are cherished Kendra K 💝🤗🙏"

- Anonymous

Snugglist- Lizz 5/20/2019

“Going into this I was a bit nervous but after the session I felt comfortable hugging without feeling uncomfortable. I’ve never been a huge hugger but I think I might start doing that more often. It might make me feel more connected to the person I’m speaking to.”


Snugglist- Nazu 5//7/2019

“Phenomenally sweet”

- Anonymous

Snugglist- Kendra K 5/03/2019

“Absolutely. I felt like I was able to get what I needed out of the session, a deep sense of relaxation and being understood. No pressure!”

- Anonymous

Snugglist- Terry 5/2/2019

“Terry was warm, kind, and put me at ease.”


Snugglist- Pam   4/27/2019

“My snuggle session was perfect. I feel loved and supported after my session.”


Snugglist- Christina Q  4/13/2019

“Christina is a lovely lady with a warm heart and kind demeanor. She has empathy and possesses a deep desire to comfort the soul."


Snugglist- Shyler 4/12/2019

“Shyler is a great listener and good conversationalist. Shyler has a calm personality and knows how to,listen and hold space.”


Snugglist- Max B 4/27/2019

“Max is a great cuddler!”


Snugglist- Max B 3/31/2019

"I’ve never tried this kind of professional support before but it was a pretty cool experience and max was great”


Snugglist- Nazu 3/27/2019


"I was definitely skeptical at first, but this has been a wonderful experience at exactly the time I needed it. I will recommend this and use this therapy again."


Snugglist – Julia C

“She was perfect. I feel happy and content”


Snugglist – Christie Q 2/24/2019

“I had a great session.  Christina is an amazing cuddler and great to talk to.  The hour just flew by, too bad I didn't schedule a longer session.  Charlotte is very sweet too, greeted me with a hug along with Christina when I went in for my meet and greet.”


Snugglist – Julia C



“Absolutely. I feel much more at ease with talking about my previous trauma experiences. I would go to Julia for another session whenever I feel lost in the past.”


Snugglist – Dani S            


“ Very professional and I felt comfortable as if i could tell her anything.“

- Amber

Snugglist – Georgia S 


“I thought the session was creative and well needed “

- Michael

Snugglist – Dani S


“I was not sure what to expect. She helped me understand and helped me feel best comfortable. I never thought that cuddling could be therapeutic but I feel relaxed and happy after the session.“

- David

Snugglist – Dani S           


“Yes it was very successful, brightened my mood. “

- Justin

Snugglist –  Angela S                


“Angela was wonderful. I came into the office feeling ill and in a high state of anxiety ~ not about the session, but rather about something going on at home. I would call it a panic attack. Within 15 minutes, I felt completely relaxed, my stomach ache was gone, and I was fine. My day completely turned around from bad to good after having my session. More than anything, Angela was very compassionate and a good listener, which was, evidently, what I needed most. Amazing. “

- Audrey

Snugglist – Georgia S. 


“ I feel she went above and beyond what I even expected in the situation. “


- Josh

Snugglist – Georgia S 


“It was a great environment and very comfortable. “


Snugglist – Georgia S


“The session was very good and relaxing.“


Snugglist – Dani S


“  I was a little nervous at 1st not knowing how to approach a new situation like this. But she made me feel very comfortable and didn't hesitate to communicate with me to let me feel more open with the situation so that I didn't feel out of my comfort zone. Everything she did was very professional and I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you “

- Robert

Snugglist –Dani S             


“ I left feeling good about myself and relaxed.“

- Brian

Snugglist –Audrey B       


“ I thought it was a joke but I felt very different afterwards. Didn't want it to end. “

- David

Snugglist – Sherone N   


 “Sharone hit it out of the park with her intro. It was very professional and set the right tone for the session.“

- Cyndi

Snugglist- Sharone N 


"Absolutely! I learned a lot about Sharone and we both were able to open up to each other and learn alot. I was very comfortable snuggling with her and would definitely be comfortable doing it again with her."


Snugglist-Sherone N  



"She is so caring it gushes from her! Her heart and soul are present at all times and it is a good feeling."



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